What Are Halo Engagement Rings?

What Are Halo Rings?
A halo ring is a beautiful ring style that features a “halo” circle or border of diamonds that surround a center diamond. A halo ring emphasizes and enhances the center stone, increasing the perceived diamond size, the diamond’s brilliance, and therefore the overall visual impact of the diamond. This type of ring has been popular since the 1920s when glamour was the fashion rule. Halo rings are perfect for the bride-to-be with impeccable taste and an eye for style.

Halo Rings: A Variety of Styles
There are many variations of the halo style, but they generally fall into one of two types. One version is a setting that features a flush halo encircling the center diamond. The other type has a gap or separation between the diamond halo and the center diamond.

Halo Design Techniques
No all halo rings are created equal. In order to achieve the halo look, most designs use inner metal prongs to hold the diamonds. Another option is to cut, groove, or notch the diamonds to fit together. Both of these techniques interrupt the natural fire and brilliance of the diamonds in the ring.

Diamond Quality
A halo ring is all about visual impact, and there are many variables that will increase or decrease the aesthetic appeal of a halo ring. These factors include the degree of precision to which the diamonds are cut, how closely the diamonds are matched to each other for clarity and color, and the accuracy of diamond alignment. If a halo ring is not set precisely, the light will not flow through and be reflected from the diamonds properly. Or if the diamonds do not very closely match each other, they will draw the eye away from the center diamond of the engagement ring.

The Endless Diamond Embrace Difference
Endless Diamond Embrace offers a unique halo setting style created with our patented Touch Setting technique and the expertise of trained gemologists who hand-match high quality diamonds to maximize the fire and brilliance of the ring. If you want a beautiful and stunning halo ring with an uninterrupted flow of diamond fire and brilliance (and who doesn’t?), the Endless Embrace engagement ring is the ring for you!

The Embrace Halo Ring: Outshines the Rest
With our exclusive diamond setting process, the diamonds in an Endless Diamond Embrace engagement ring are never cut, notched, or grooved like competing designs. And the absence of inner prongs leaves the diamonds open to display a continuous flow of diamond sparkle and brilliance.

Simply put, no other engagement ring enhances the overall size, beauty, and fire of diamonds like Endless Diamond Embrace. If you want to make a lasting impression and give her a ring that truly reflects your love, your commitment, and her personal style, make it an Endless Embrace engagement ring.

Designing Your Dream Engagement Ring – Customization Options
The Endless Embrace collection offers custom options that enable you to design the perfect ring for your bride-to-be. Our selection of GIA certified diamonds and multiple ring setting styles, empowers you to create the ideal ring based on her tastes and expectations. The added benefit is a larger diamond look than a single solitaire, but at a comparable price.

Why Not Go Ahead and Design the Perfect Ring for Her?
You can custom design your engagement ring in three easy steps with our Build a Ring option. After you have created the perfect ring, simply place your order online, or you can order a sample engagement ring – see Try Before You Buy for details. Have some fun creating the ring of her dreams and the beginning of your future together!